All The Little Things Count
Phone:   281-581-2060

" We care like a parent."

Fundraiser October 1st

We like to thank all those who help raise funds to start the 
process of building an arena

It was a day filled with fun!!!   We are so thankful of your support.
We also want to recognized the folks that help sponsor 

​Ron Carter Autoland
Home Depot 
Stanton's Grocery Store
Downtown T-Shirt Factory
Ed Gonzales
Teresa Kaimer
Erin Maks
Sandra Graves 
Stephen & Cynthia Herman
Kimiko Streetman 
Jolane Hickle
Lenne Bryant
Joe's BBO
Kelly's Country Cookin
Citgo (FM 2917 & HWY 35)
Moody National Bank
Mike & Bethie McCaulley
Pat Jones

 And if you are interested in becoming a Sponsor please  call us at 281-581-2060.  
And thank you so much for your support


Thank you for your interest in supporting All the Little Things Country, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.   We have many desires to provide a higher level of livelihood for our clients. Given the current state of the economy and the ongoing potential for government cutbacks, we are always in need of financial support.

Providing for our clients requires much more than just services, we also require additional financial assistance to continually improve the lives of our individuals by; improving staff through training; adding updated equipment; and improving our facilities to maintain our programs and quality of service. Throughout the years we have been able to preserve a high quality of service and to demonstrate continued improvement through the continuing support and generosity of our parents, friends, guardians, churches and many, many other benefactors.

Our financial needs continue today. If you would like to contribute to our mission with a monetary donation, several different methods are available.  We accept checks and cash.  

We also have a wish list for the different locations if you desire to donate a tangible item.  

New or gently used computers 
Digital cameras 
Gift cards for Walmart,Target, McDonalds 

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